Hopeless Waiting

March 26, 2016

I find today to be an interesting day. I call it an in-between day.

I’ve heard plenty of talk about Good Friday and Easter over the years, but I can’t remember an occasion where we talked about the day between Friday and Sunday.

This day intrigues me. It’s like the part of a movie right before the resolution, where the hero is ready to give up. The audience wants to encourage the hero, because the hero can’t see what is up ahead. Just like that, the people in Jesus’ day didn’t know what tomorrow would bring.

The Saturday before Easter is like a day of waiting. The people who experienced that day before the resurrection were left waiting… waiting on God. But it’s harder than simply waiting. They felt like God dropped the ball. There was a time they could see the finish line. They were filled with hope at what God was going to do, but when His main plan is killed they are left waiting. But waiting for what? Their hope had died.

I haven’t experienced a lot of funerals in my day (at least not for those who I am really close to). But from what I hear, the day after the funeral is very difficult. The family that gathered for the funeral departs. The body is gone, the encouraging words were left at yesterday, and you are left there to cope, to face reality that you have to go on without that person.

I bet that’s what Jesus’ followers felt like.

I imagine all the experiences we have in life that help us to relate to this Saturday. The waiting. The feeling forgotten. The mourning, and feeling hopeless.

Can you think of all of the times that you felt like you’re waiting, and not just waiting? It seems so much bigger than that. The word ‘waiting’ doesn’t sound so difficult, but when you’re waiting on something important, waiting feels like forever. It’s like every sign around you points to a dead end, or you had been left waiting so many times that you can come to your own conclusions.

Today speaks to me of all of the times that I was not only left waiting, but waiting and hopeless. It reminds me that even when you can’t see the light at the the end of the tunnel, or you think nothing good could come of this, we serve a God who can do the impossible. He can raise the dead to life. If He can do that, what is He capable of doing in your life? Be encouraged and filled with hope on this in-between day.sunday-is-coming


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