Buzzing of bees

May 28, 2015

green grass under blue sky

It’s just me. Me, a book, a blanket and the great outdoors. The sun shining and it’s perfect as I soak up the words in my book, that is until I hear that familiar sound of summer.

The buzzing of a bee. I’m not the type that goes crazy when they hear a bee (as long as it isn’t touching me, I’m all good). After the entrance of the bee I hear another sound… a less familiar one.

The best way I can describe the sound is with the word ‘whacking.’ It sounds like something is whacking against something else.

I can’t help but assume the two noises (the buzzing and whacking) are related since it begins with buzzing, the buzzing stops with the whacking noise and then the buzzing continues again.

Take note that my back is to all this and my book is good so I’m not too worried about the business of the bee behind me. But eventually my curiosity gets the best of me.

I turn around to see this giant bee (and I’m not exaggerating). It’s one of those puffy round bumble bees (I’m not an expert on bees so I don’t know the exact kind… anyways). I watch as it buzzes along the side of our garage. Then suddenly the bee flies directly into the siding of the garage. Kind of strange. I have the answer to the mysterious sound. Keep in mind that I’ve been listening to this bee run into the garage for a while now and now I’m watching it continue in it’s strange behavior. Seeing the force of this bee hitting the wall you would think it would learn to not do that a second time (let alone another 15 times).

I turn around kind of shaking my head thinking how silly this bee is until I realize I’ve done just as stupid of things. Suddenly I see my sin staring me in the face.

How many times have I been like that bee with my sin? I run into a wall over and over again and still I don’t change my behavior? What is that definition of insanity again? – doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Sounds a lot like sin to me… And for some reason I feel like we don’t go through life making small sins and never making that mistake again. For some reason we are like that dog that returns to its vomit or the bee that keeps running itself into a wall.

It isn’t healthy. It only is hurting us. And we are the only one who can put a stop to it.

I’m looking at my life right now. I’m looking for those moments where I’m like that bee- so obsessed with my ways that I don’t realize how I’m hurting myself and how I’m holding myself back from a deeper relationship with God.

Can you see the walls in your life? Can you see where you’re running into them repeatedly? I fear we all have a good example of this. But the better question is what we are going to do differently going forward.


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