Cotton Eye Joe moments

November 19, 2014

Where did you come from,  where did you go, where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe

The words of that song for some reason make me think of one of my family members. Years ago I remember her singing that song with a twang in her voice, and it still sticks with me to this day.

While I really don’t know what that song is about, I came across a verse that actually brought to mind that line of the Cotton Eye Joe song (yes that probably sounds a tad crazy)

Genesis 16 says: “Where have you come from and where are you going?” God asks the slave Hagar.

I’ve been learning to really meditate on Scripture so as I read I waited for what jumped out at me during this chapter. And it was that verse. Not only does it make me think of Cotton Eye Joe, it reminded me of the journey I’ve been on with God.

Where have I come from? I could list the places, the good times, the hard times, the times where I felt lost, hurt, and on a mountain top. As I look back and remember, there is only one thing that every moment from my past has in common. He was there. No matter the experience. No matter the condition of my heart. No matter the joy or sorrow, the waiting or moving, God was always there. (even when I couldn’t always see or feel Him)

Where have you come from and where are you going?

Sometimes that second part scares me. When I’m struggling, it sure gives me hope that there is something up ahead. But when I start to wonder, fret or worry about the unpredictable future, I know one thing… He will be there.

If what I have learned in the past has taught me anything, I better take that lesson into my future.

Every place I’ve been, He has been there too. And every place I go, He will go too.

That’s reassurance.


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