One run on prayer

October 28, 2014

My prayer:

To love deeply, and to accept the love of others,

to understand that holiness is the goal… not happiness

to always be graceful, even in the face of gracelessness

to be thankful in the midst of difficulties

to know when to listen and when to speak

to always remember the times God has carried me,

and know that completeness can only come from Him,

to sing praises even when I feel empty inside,

to always be more selfless than selfish

to show forgiveness even when it cuts me deep

to not take for granted the people around me

and remember that true joy only comes through Christ

to learn from my past… as well as my present

to give to others even when I don’t think I have much to give,

to never forget the power of encouragement

and enjoy the inner beauty of the saints around me

to soak up every moment,

to fall in love with God again every day

to take time for silence

and know it’s ok to show emotion,

to share my story

to follow His Spirit,

to know I’m never alone

and when all else fails, remember His love never will.aaac


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