February 5, 2011

Do you ever feel inadequate?

Like you don’t measure up?

You’re just not good enough… no matter how hard you try, you always seem to mess up.

What does God see in you? Why does He still want you?


But God does not give up on us. Even when we are the screw-ups, the fools, the losers, the unskilled, the inexperienced, the uneducated, the under-paid….

He doesn’t give up on us.

Nor does He say, “Let’s get rid of all of them. Just erase them from my memory.”

Rather, he says, “Oh I still want them! I still want them to be a mirror in which I can look and see My glory. I still want to be admired by My people. I still want My people to enjoy Me and have Me forever.”

Isn’t that amazing? God created man so that He could look into him and see reflected there more of His glory than He could see reflected in the starry skies.

And that is what you are. Or at least what you can choose to be. Too often the reflection in the mirror isn’t what God meant us to be. Too often we settle for less, when He knows we are so much more than we think we are worth. Too often when God looks at sinful man, He no longer can see His own glory. Because we’ve settled. Settled for way less than Him.

But don’t we all want to be clothed in glory? Such glory that only can be seen in God? God has redeemed us. And He calls us by our names. We are His, and He has given us a new wardrobe. We don’t wear rags. The clothes don’t have holes, rips, or snags. These are the best quality clothing imaginable. and it is at our disposal. So we have a choice: Reflect God’s glory or our sifnul selves.

So which one do you choose?…. (by the way, there’s no in-betweens).


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